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5 Socially-Distant Ways to Show Grandparents Your Thankfulness

The pandemic has temporarily changed how generations of families interact with one another. Here are a few fun ways to spend time with loved ones, while observing social distancing guidelines. Set a routine. Try to block off a regular check-in time every week or every few days to say hello and discuss life events. If
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Kennybrook Village Earned Five-Star Ratings in Each CMS Rating Category

Grimes, Iowa – Kennybrook Village earned five-star ratings in each Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rating category during their 2020 annual survey. Kennybrook Village’s Executive Director Ryan Stuck said, “Our team’s everyday goal is to provide the greatest care possible in every aspect of this community. Receiving a five-star rating in every category
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How To Talk To A Loved One Who Doesn’t Remember You

For adult children and loved ones, facing the changes dementia and Alzheimer’s presents can be devastating. Abrupt changes in mood, odd behavior, and the loss of precious memories can be challenging to watch. You might be unsure how to interact with your loved one. Here are some things to consider when your loved one no
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Six Senior Living Myths

For many of us, our ideas about senior living are significantly outdated. Perhaps your last experience with it was visiting a relative decades ago, in a hospital-like facility that felt drab and boring. Many people believe senior living is a term interchangeable with a nursing home, that they are only for the ill and elderly
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Home Monitoring for Seniors

When we talk about home monitoring systems for senior adults, the most common image is that of the commercials with a woman falling and unable to reach her telephone. The ad goes on to taut its wearable technology as the latest development in senior care. However, today’s devices are much more discreet and tech-savvy. Gone
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7 Ways to Make Downsizing Easier

Follow these 7 tips when downsizing before your move. Moving into a new home, especially downsizing or transitioning to senior living communities, can stir up a lot of emotions. For many people, the biggest fear isn’t moving on to something new, it’s letting go of a place and things that have represented so much to
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